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COVID-19: Explore JHAH’s telehealth options

To maintain our continuity of quality care and support health and well-being during the current COVID-19 physical distancing precautions, JHAH is happy to offer a number of telehealth options. Stay safe at home, JHAH is here for you online.

  • Video Visit

    Video Visit offers you secure, virtual face-to-face interactions with your physician. Learn how to book a Video Visit.
  • Telephone Visit

    Telephone Visit offers you secure, over the phone interactions with your physician for primary care and specialty appointments from the comfort of your own home. Learn how to book a Telephone Visit.
  • Remote Medication Pick-up Locations

    Use a JHAH pharmacy located nearest you to pick up your medications. Click here to view the full list of locations and the days and times they are open visit.
  • COVID-19 Care Line

    If you have a medical question related to COVID-19 or a question about your health, we’re here to help. Using the COVID-19 Care Line, you can request clearance letters, swab test results and ‘M-time’. Learn more on